RUKUN Senior Living are a Media Partner for 2020 World Dementia and Mental Health Conference

RUKUN Senior Living is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia. RUKUN offers an integrated solution for every senior’s lifestyle with a complete range of housing options and support services including villas, resort apartments, and a senior care facility.

  • The Villas – is a village of individual homes for seniors with an independent and dynamic lifestyle.
  • RUKUN’s Resort offers a hassle-free lifestyle for independent seniors as well as those with Assisted Living needs.
  • RUKUN Senior Care offers dementia support and nursing care for seniors requiring a more intimate atmosphere and caring environment.

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Technology Network Group are media partner of 2020 World Dementia and Mental Health Conference

Technology Networks Group is an internationally recognized publisher that provides access to the latest scientific news, products, research, videos, and posters. Our global community is made up of over 300,000 researchers and scientific professionals from life science, drug discovery, and analytical arenas.
Technology Networks’ online communities are dedicated to a wide range of disciplines within the life science, analytical, and drug discovery sectors.

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Industry Events

Industry Events is a leading global platform that helps the world’s workforce find high-end business events and learning opportunities in over 350 sectors. Professionals all over the world are using the Industry Events App and website daily to discover relevant professional events to attend or participate in as a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor.

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CR_Logo_Media is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. For more please click here


MEDtube is now the world’s largest online repository with high-quality multimedia content of clear practical and educational value, counting +20,000 professional medical materials. The resources are shared by physicians, clinicists, medical societies and universities. In mid 2017, the community counted +155,000 registered professional users who contribute to the idea of sharing medical knowledge.

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Bentham Science Publishers is a major STM journal publisher of 130 plus print and online journal. Out of these, 40 journals have already registered good IMPACT FACTORS as per Journal Citation Reports® 2017. Bentham is offering attendees of this conference discounts on its publication. For more information click here


The Medical Tourism Directory is a user-friendly website, which connects international patients with hospitals abroad. Find the best neurology hospitals abroad!

Yellmed – is:

  • a catalog of Russian and foreign medical establishments with an actual and reliable information;
  • Russian and international medical, sports and beauty news;

    interviews with experts;

  • medical events and conferences;
  • medical reference book with common diseases and it’s sympthoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment;
  • doctor apointments in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan.

Yellmed – all about Russian medicine and more!

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CN1699 is a B2B cross border media working closely with well-known health care media, associations, and conference organizers and in global. We distribute news of the media to support the medical needs package. These include trade, hospital investment, bidding, and advertising. The mode of cooperation is to make trade rely on the media to seek new and extensive needs and markets.

CN1699 link is a multi-actor of supply chains in form of media to create a global alliance for health care sharing information. The purpose is to ultimately promote multi-party cooperation in the global medical industry. CN1699 is also striving to complete trade support for long tail products and let more people enjoy fair medical care.

The mode of cooperation with CN1699 is to make trade rely on the media to seek new and extensive needs and markets. Let professional people share high-quality contents to push the industry to move on.


KindCongress lists scientific conferences from all over the world keeping professional conference organizers (PCO), speakers and attendees up to date with the latest conferences from a wide range of sciences. Conferences register to be seen by potential attendees and speakers. And speakers can register to get invited by conferences.


All Conference Alert is an online portal that will let you choose the conference that is made for you. Conferences are beneficial to every person in their respective field. This is the space where like-minds interact and share knowledge in their area of interest. This online gateway grants access to various workshops, conferences, seminars etc. being held in worldwide which welcomes audiences of any group like students, teachers, professors or even working people who are interested in the many topics. People from across the globe are welcome to attend these conferences and this portal gives every detail that you will need to know about attending an international conference.