As per the World Health Organisation, worldwide, more than 50 million people have dementia and 60% of them live in countries that have low earning middle-class people. With each year passing by over 10 million cases are being added every year

As per a projection, 82 million people by 2030 and 152 million by 2050 will be suffering from dementia.

To reduce such cases and bring more clarity on how and what causes dementia and how the patients suffering from dementia can be treated, all the researchers from around the globe join various medical conferences or meetings to discuss the latest advancements and research works. A few of the top conferences which are going to be held in 2020 related to the World Dementia Conference are mentioned below.

  1.  25th World Congress of Neurology, Rome, October 03-07, 2021

The Italian Society of Neurology (SIN) is supporting the world congress of neurology for October 03-07, 2021. The WCN 2021 geographic position and cultural vocation country of Italy is a pivotal place among nations with a longstanding neurological tradition.

The Italian Society of Neurology is an association of private and public neurology specialists, working in the community, hospitals, and universities. As one of the largest association of neurologists in Italy, it represents 3000 members, providing a constantly growing number of training activities and education.

  1.  2nd AAT-AD/PD™ Focus Meeting 2020

The Meeting will present all the latest breakthroughs and advancements, recent drug development, early diagnosis in treatment, translational R&D, and clinical trials in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other related neurological disorders. The virtual platform will allow for maximum visibility and exposure to the potential participants for any activities, forum discussions, and corporate symposia will be webcast online and on time. Best networking opportunity for the exhibitors to collaborate for future endeavors. Researchers, health care professionals, students, families, patient advocacy groups, as well as regulators throughout the world, are relying on AAT-AD/PD™ to promote advances in therapy in a timely fashion.

Join the online community on 2-5 April 2020.

  1.  Alzheimer’s Association International Conference to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on July 26-30

AAIC 2020 will gather international research and development investigators, health care professionals, clinicians, and care researchers to discuss the latest studies, theories, and discoveries that will help bring the world closer to breakthroughs in the field of dementia. What you can expect: From poster presentations to sessions highlighting the latest research to networking opportunities, there’s something for everyone at AAIC. The scientific sessions will feature the latest research and updates regarding epidemiology, psychosocial factors, health economics, and policy related to dementia and innovative dementia care practices.

  1.  2021 World Dementia and Mental Health Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 19-20, 2021

2021WDMH will provide a unique platform for the research and development personnel, health care professionals, industry leaders, academic professionals, and best networking will result in spreading awareness which delivers new opportunities for the caregiver peoples to play their role in beating dementia. We hope that it is only through research we will be able to close this gap and eventually will lead us in securing the theme: Memories Matter: Until there is a CARE there is HOPE!!

The conference includes Keynote Sessions, symposium, Workshops/Special Session, exhibitions and Young Researchers Forum (Oral/Poster presentation). Major sessions summoned at the conference are Dementia, Ageing, and Depression, Neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Vascular Dementia, Ethical Dilemmas in Dementia and many more.


  1. 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference to be held in Bucharest, Romania from 20 to 22 October 2020

The 2020 conference will be a great networking opportunity that will bring together people with dementia, their carers, volunteers and staff of Alzheimer associations, policymakers, health, and social caregivers, researchers, academicians and industry representatives from all over the globe. Conferences bring together all types of people who are affected by dementia – living with the disease, caring for someone with the disease or working in the field of dementia – and give delegates the opportunity to share and exchange their experience and knowledge. Speakers from the different EU Member States and further afield will be sharing varying approaches and developments from their countries.


  1. The 34th International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International. Singapore Expo to be held during December 10-12

This international conference will be hosted by Alzheimer’s Disease Association in Singapore. The conference will feature a range of keynote speakers and a high standard of scientific content, the conference program will enable the participants to learn about the latest advances and developments in the diagnosis, treatment, care, and management of dementia. This unique, multi-disciplinary conference will bring together all those having research interest in the field of dementia, which includes R&D research scientists, clinicians, allied healthcare professionals, people affected with dementia, family members, caregiver professionals, and staff and volunteers of Alzheimer associations.


  1. 2020 World Neuroscience and Psychiatry Conference to be held during September 08-09 in Bangkok, Thailand 

The commencement of the 3rd Edition of the conference was announced by Episirus Scientifica having in collaboration with Neurocritical Care Society aiming to stimulate new techniques for the treatment of neurological and mental health disorders. The Conference revolves around the visionary theme “Melioration in Innovations with the advancement in Mental Health and Neurology”. Major sessions summoned at the conference are Neuroscience and Neurology, Mental Plasticity & Development, Stress Neuroscience and Neurobiology, Stroke and Trauma and many more.


  1. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society to be held from July 29- August 1, 2020

Japan Neuroscience Society has announced the commencement of the conference having a theme: “Theories of the Brain”. The committee has decided to hold the event using video streaming by which video presentations will be distributed to the audience. Presenters (Both oral and poster) are requested to prepare a pre-recorded video of their presentation and can submit them by June 30. The submitted videos will be reviewed and distributed through a secure streaming website to which only participants of the meeting will have access during the time period of the event.


  1. VASCO 2020 to be held during 9th – 12th September in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

VAS-COG was founded to bring diverse scientific and clinical research interests together for the study of vascular causes of various brain disorders which may be delayed or even prevented by treatment of vascular risk factors such as hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.


  1. BRAIN & BRAIN PET 2021 to be held in Glasgow UK from June 26-29, 2021

The conference will cover numerous aspects within the field of neuroscience research, particularly those related to brain function and metabolism, the function of the neurovascular unit and the blood-brain barrier, cerebral blood flow, brain imaging, brain repair, brain imaging, and cerebrovascular pathology.